Valerie Hegarty – The art of destruction

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The works of American artist Valerie Hegarty (Valerie Hegarty) are burned, broken, shot, or otherwise deformed art objects.

Valerie Hegarty for joy of her work is to destroy, not create. Focusing his practice on the policy of the American myth. Canvas is a colonial furniture, antique dishes and heroic paintings, landscape and national works related to their historical significance.

Hegarty reconstructs “masterpieces” based on works by Thomas Moran of brittle materials, such as paper and wood that had rotted almost beyond recognition. The result – Niagara Falls is literally pouring out of the walls, while Cracked broken canyon seismic cracks extending from floor to ceiling. After a radical intervention Hegarty, its objects are a new form of perception.

Valerie says of his work: “live are changing.” Over the past few years in the process of art involved copies of famous American paintings, which vary so if they were punched waves or scorched by fire. Recently, she started to take it further deterioration of asking what might happen if these pieces of the destruction of nature can be expanded to such an extent that they actually begin to recover. Instead of carefully pre-plan their work, as it has done in the past, she now prefers “sketch sculpture”, which lies at the basis of spontaneity and improvisation. This process provides an excellent picture of the dynamics.

Валери Хегарти , 2007, смешанная техника
Валери Хегарти, Ротко закат , 2007, смешанная техника
Валери Хегарти, Бирштадт (в том числе Сьерра-Невада) с отверстиями , 2007, смешанная техника
Валери Хегарти, Гомер был сметен (северо-восточный) , 2007, смешанная техника