Sand Art by Ilana Yahav – SandFantasy


Ilan received a classical art education, special preference during study gave sculpture and drawing.

For many years, Ilana worked in his own studio for creating realistic latex puppets that were used for filming special effects in film and advertising, as well as for the popular doll in Israel’s political program-parody. Art Ilana Yahav successfully combined with teaching, and later also became involved in drawing in the sand. Soon a new hobby has eclipsed all other interests and became the main occupation of Ilana.

In the work of Israeli artist aims to convey the full range of human emotions and feelings. A sand animation is the best suited for the variable and transient.

The origins of his love for the sand Ilana Yahav sees a happy childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, when touching the sand made her delight. When working with sand artist is experiencing the same emotions as the coast while trying to finish his work on the sand before, how it will wash away the wave.

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