Underwater photo gallery by Andreas Franke

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Austrian photographer and lover of deep diving Andreas Franke has released a new series of photographs entitled “Project Stavronikita or life below sea level,” which exposed the deep water – the sunken ship in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Barbados. Less than two years ago, photographer and adventurer, was first presented his idea to the underwater gallery at a depth of 40 meters with a photo affixed to wreck called Vanderberg. The new show is made by the same principle, but offers a completely different collection of surreal images that can be seen, plunged into the water.

The latest draft Frank shows the decadent Rococo, superimposing scenes from their lives on the background of a sunken cargo ship Stavronikita and swarming around the marine life. Photographer works on contrast images of models depicting the period pompous wealth, and underwater ship itself, creating an intriguing plot that everyone can interpret in their own way. Like his previous works, Stavronikita exhibited under water. Photos are placed in waterproof Plexiglas frame and stainless steel and attached to the board by powerful magnets. Gallery can be visited until April of this year, plunging to a depth of 80 feet.

Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke is exhibiting a dozen digitally composited images on the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg that was scuttled in May 2009. The 4- by 5-foot photographs stretch along some 200 linear feet on the starboard side of the Vandenberg’s weather deck, 93 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.


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