Paintings by artist Fattah Hallah Abdel

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Looking at pictures of Galla Abdel Fattah, feel amazed contemporary Cleopatra. Affects a variety of topics, modernity and understanding. In her paintings – life, love, optimism, and … as always, the national colors, the love of Egypt and Russia.
Touching to ancient Egypt … exciting culture, a mixture of wisdom, secrets, golden sand and desert winds – in snowy Moscow – unbelievable. Just the feeling of the mysterious attractiveness when you meet the woman – fragile, helpless, amazingly beautiful, profile reminds portraits of Egyptian queens. Especially when you see it among the shimmering gold of her paintings. But when you start talking to her, like the mist clears, and through the bright, eastern appearance features of a very Russian, soft, poetic character – a surprising combination, making this woman even more fascinating. How did this mix? What does it promise? What form of creativity can be realized such a nature? I think these questions come from anyone who meets the Gallo and her works.

Gall never ceases to amaze with his whole being, work, family history. And the story of her family really unusual. Parents Gauls – Egyptians, otets – director of photography, my mother – a dancer. Pursuing the art, the two men once did an absolutely free choice – they have chosen to live and work in Russia. Here they had two daughters: Gall and Hebe. Two beautiful Egyptian woman with Russian characters, since they first came ancestral adults.

Hebe was a dancer and works at the Bolshoi, and Gall graduated from the Surikov Institute and became an artist. In the future, not content with one form, it added to his university degree psychologist.

As a child, Gall dreamed about ballet, perhaps because it is present in her paintings – expressive gestures, plastic figures, frank theatricality.

She admitted that for many years did not appeal to Egyptian themes in painting, but the roots are powerful, and, sooner or later, they reflect the artist’s work, find their form of existence on canvas. Raised in Russia, the traditional values of Russian art at some point Gall discovered the harmony of old Russian icon painting and Egyptian symbolism, their graphical niceties.

In papers Hallah seemingly absolutely incongruous notions permanency of ancient Egyptian murals and reality of modern European art, ancient brightness of gold and azure and modern relevance of yellow and blue, hot temper and moderation of the north south. “Bride of the Nile”, “Gravity of Love”, “The Reflection in the Mirror of Eternity”, “Girl-Lotus”, “Talk sisters” – all these pictures remind you of Eternal Beauty.

However, in Hallah than “ancient” Egyptian works there are modern, although still a bit fantastic plots. “Underwater Mystery”, “Music of the Sun”, “Cats”, “contemplation.” It even portraits have certain magic.