David Esterly. Elegant wood carvings

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There once was and worked back in the 17th century wood carver Grinling Gibbons. Lived so fruitfully, which even today is referred to as the most talented and outstanding carver in his field. So the work of this most engraver made a lasting impression on our today’s David Esterly. When David, by fate, in the 1970s went to one of London’s churches, was vastly impressed that part of the altar, which was decorated with wooden floral pattern thinning, which three centuries ago cut Grinling Gibson. As a result, today we have no less talented carver, but only temporarily less famous. David could not just pass by the work of this man. Then he decided to write about a talented carver of the 17th century book. To best experience the master, David bought a piece of wood, the necessary tools to continue to learn the basics started his own thread. It turned out quite well, especially when you consider that David Esterly always thought that he had no artistic abilities. Difficulties he had not shied away from, but because the work did not stop, and tried again and again. Soon, this carving has taken root in him so much that he forgot about the book, which originally wanted to write, and artistic carving became his life primarily.

One of David’s thoughts: During the general devastation surrounding nature is a special poignancy in the beauty of the fine carved foliage and acquiring skills necessary for its creation. This is sort of a rebuke and warning, our sharpening our awareness that we are losing nature …

Many years later, David still wrote a book called “Grinling Gibbons and the art of carving.” And this was not just a book admirer and viewer, by the time he wrote it already knows all the nuances of the thread people. Student received a book about the teacher, who has never seen and were separated by three centuries.

In 1986, at Hampton Court Palace (this is the former residence of the kings of England in the country), there was a fire. Then it was David Easterly invited for the restoration of damage a few meters thread Gibbons.

At the end of the fast graphic video that briefly shows the process and some important details in this kind of work, to which most come for a long time …