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(ru) Желание
(ru) Желание
(ru) копия Бугро ” Гнездо купидонов”
(ru) копия Бугро ” Гнездо купидо...
(ru) Портрет друга летчика
(ru) Портрет друга летчика

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На выставке представлены работы трех украинских художников Максима Казарина, Константина Копосова и Татьяны Русецкой.

(ru) Выставка «Свободный микрофон» в Музее книги и книгопечатания Украины.

Выставка современного революционного искусства «Свободный микрофон» - это серия инсталляций, созданных из коллекции ...

(ru) «Одесские мальчики. Начало». Исследовательский проект.

Музей современного искусства Одессы с 7 июля по 7 августа 2014 г. представляет исследовательский проект «Одесские ...

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(ru) «Происхождение млечного пути» картина Тинторетто Якопо
(ru) «Происхождение млечного пути» картина Тинто...
(ru) Предметы, распечатанные на 3D-принтере
(ru) Предметы, распечатанные на 3D-принтере
(ru) Мстёра роспись
(ru) Мстёра роспись
(ru) «Вавилонская башня» картина Питера Брейгеля Старшего
(ru) «Вавилонская башня» картина Питера Брейгеля...
(ru) Нонконформизм
(ru) Нонконформизм

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They say every thing bears the imprint of power era in which it was created. Sometimes inanimate objects can reveal the beauty of days gone by more living witnesses or recordings made with words such. There is nothing surprising in the fact that people are often obsessed with passion for things, mute witnesses of old events – they seem to create an invisible bridge across time, can dip into the past, to touch the lifestyle of their ancestors. A touch of romance to the surface floated years gives ordinary at first glance, the subject of specific, genuine value, they become historical heritage of mankind, something passed on from generation to generation. Moreover, often antiques are true works of art, as in the old days, people loved to surround himself with elegant household items, regardless of their destination. This desire for beauty has given us a lot of amazing paintings, statues, vases, furniture and interior design elements, icons … Once these things are decorated life of our ancestors. Now, shrouded in a light mist of the past centuries, they have low-lying satellites today and enchant its mystery. As a measure of good taste and commitment to the traditions of the past, love for antiques permanently settled in the hearts of millions. As if paying homage to our ancestors, we strive to bring into our lives a piece of their soul. Perfectly combined with modern interiors, rare items complement them and give them a special, unique luster, show diverse and extravagant nature of their owner.

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