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Радєва Катерина (ИР) Дивокінь

Concept of the “J. Greter Art-center” entitles cultural and spiritual development of the nation, popularization of creativity and support of social and charitable projects.

What do you think about charity? Organizers of the exhibition of children’s paintings make it possible to get in touch with children’s recovery and support them morally and financially.
It is the second exhibition of the project “Children’s Fantasy”. The previous was successfully conducted and got significant media coverage allowing now to draw to this issue bigger audience. Social organization “Healthy Mankind” after such results decided not to stop and hopes for your openness and support in this noble and important endeavor. “J. Greter Art-center” opens this project as a part of “Ukraine Art-Startup. Buffer Zone” aiming at involving as many indifferent and active people as possible and attracting people’s attention to prevention and treatment of oncology diseases.

Art-project is organized for children at the Department of Oncology at National Cancer Institute and at the Department of Oncohematology at National Children Specialized Hospital “Ohmatdyt” supported by these organizations.

During February – March artists from the art studio “Borysenko Art Workshop” were conducting classes for children aiming to boost their emotional states during intensive care and creating positive emotional climate while they are at hospitals.

The exhibition aims at showing the beauty of children’s creativity and financial supporting those children with oncology who need that. As a result of these classes 30 children’s paintings were created – very nice, childlike and truly moving 15 of which will be displayed for your attention at the exhibition.

The exhibition also aims at attracting attention of the visitors to their own state of health as the oncology diseases at early stages can be treated. For everyone is necessary to undergo annual full examination of the body as it is the only way to control and check own health.

This extremely important charity project is supported by ballet studio “Forseight” and beautiful – Svitlana Tarabarova together with celebrities and public.

Exhibition will last from 03.04.14 till 04.20.14
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