The opening night of the exhibition “The East” in J.Greter Art-center

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On Thursday, the 27th of February, the opening night of the exhibition “The East” took place in J.Greter Art-center , where Renat Ramazanov’s and Alexandra Sirbu’s works were presented.

Vitaliy Turbinin

The representatives of the Hungarian Embassy, JCI organization and “Business art-festival” founder, Tetyana Revutska, together with other businessmen visited the exhibition.

The guests took delight in the excellent performance by the international theatre “Bila Vorona” which supported national end patriotic theme that is of current interest due to the latest events. The models of the canvases belong to the Crimean Tatar nationality that is famous for its fight for justice and desire to live on their own territory.

As the gallery director, Leonora Yanko, said “The patriotic theme is eternal, that’s why “Bila Vorona” theatre prepared modern performance that binds 2 major ideas – national end patriotic feelings that everyone experiences. “The East” is saturated with the theme of struggle end devotedness to the motherland”.

The casual atmosphere, camera flashes, stories about the canvases creation, magic performance, businessmen and art-critics, journalists, enigmatic paintings – due to this the opening night was really memorable!


Vitaliy Turbinin

Vitaliy Turbinin

The exhibition is scheduled to run through April, 14th , 2014