“Modern is era of femininity” presented by Marina Ivanova

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Women will be women. And they want to be beautiful, attractive and seductive. So, women interested in fashion. Bolshevik mall and Art Center J.Greter’s are hosting the exhibition of museum of fashion history. At the exhibition will be presented an old fashion women apparel and accessories by the fashion collector Marina Ivanova. The collection, which present on this exhibition, is unique in the CIS and consists of numerous fashion samples, owned by ladies as long as two centuries ago. The oldest exhibit is dated by 1800.

The collection features fashionable ensembles, belonging to European secular ladies of the last century: the luxury ballroom dresses, capes to visit the opera, business toilets, wedding dresses and walking suits. There a lot of accessories like handbags, gloves, umbrellas, those are chosen for each costume.

The collection is constantly replenished of rarities. For the first time will be demonstrated underwear that had hidden under clothes, and now, thanks to the exhibition, we can see it. For example, Lacy panties, brassieres, corsets and petticoats.
Basically, suits are from Western Europe and USA. But, there are some dresses that belonged to young aristocrats of Kiev. One of the key exhibits of the collection is the velvet bag that belonged to Countess Alexandra Branitska. The exhibition will feature clothes and pictures (including erotic). Also, everyone can see fashion magazines lithography mid-nineteenth century, at which milliners created dresses and suits.

Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this exhibition thanks to the Marina’s passion for collecting rarities fashion. This event is the precious gift for all fans fashion and attracts cultural missions and embassies. Authoritative fashion critic Alexander Vasiliev came from Moscow specially to dive into the world of fashion and beauty.

Fashion-PR agency is the main media parthner.

The exhibition will go on from the 15th of May till the 30th of June, 2014
Adress: Hetman street, Bolshevik mall, Block A, 3th floor
Opening hours: every day from 11.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m
Information: +380504242888; 044-200-07-60